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About Jenkins Moving and Transfer Service in Pensacola and Fort Walton, FL

Atlas moving truck, Jenkins Transfer and Storage
Jenkins Transfer & Storage was founded in 1959, by Luther Jenkins. Hard work and dedication were the cornerstones on which he built this company. It is a fact that has not changed over time, “If your work ethic is good, your company will grow.”

Jenkins Transfer and Storage, a true family business, is now operated by Luther's son and daughter in law Billy and Lyn Jenkins and third generation family member, grandson Tyler Jenkins. Dedication to customer service and family values has been passed down to these generations.
From a small, single-van moving company, Jenkins Transfer & Storage has now grown to become one of Northwest Florida's most trusted transportation and professional movers. Some of our customers came to us in the early days, as they moved their families into new homes. They are now successful business people who depend upon Jenkins Transfer & Storage as their corporate relocation specialist. The level of trust that is built from homeowner to corporate executive, has been the mainstay of our continued success, and a testament to our commitment to customer service.
When you call Jenkins Transfer & Storage, you are not merely getting a “mover,” you are getting a long-term partner who is genuinely interested in your needs and concerns.